Maureen P. Tracey
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Maureen P. Tracey





Welcome to Contemporary Barbadian Art!Is there anything about our lives not global any longer?


Maureen, originally a Canadian born in Montreal, now divides her time painting between Barbados and Quebec, Canada.

Because she once lived in Barbados earlier in her life,  her knowledge of the island, its people and culture spans over 30 years giving an in-depth understanding of the culture. However, not having given up her roots in Canada, the influence of both locations is a definite influence on all her work.

Global influence reached out so that she spent her formative years in Canada involved in the marketing, advertising and newspaper industries.  Her involvement was in the fashion arts and decor arts while all along practicing those artistic disciplines that personally inspired her. Many forms of crafts from pottery and woodworking to photography and on to fashion and home decor were the background for her painting.  Her mother, Melita, was a very active Montreal artist and it was from her that Maureen received her passion to paint.

There was also another artistic influence for Maureen.  That came from the West Coast of Canada where she was involved with a large group of artists in exhibiting their works helping to give Vancouver the handle for its well known laid back artistic lifestyle. World travel also rounded out her unique approach to her art.  

Maureen's style is contemporary using vibrant colour wherever she is painting - either north or south.  Her mediums are both oils, acrylics and also inks using a lengthly process of underpaintings and glazes.  The technique uses a lot of detail to achieve the dimensional effect that is evident.  But most of all, Maureen loves all forms of art and is passionate in sharing this love with all.

​Her paintings are available extensively at various galleries and exhibitions. Please use the 'Contact' section of this site to fine current showings.

Here's a video of Maureen's ARTEX 2016 held annually in Barbados with fellow artist, Christine Farmer. It ran January 23 - February 4th at ArtSplash on the South Coast. The show was a resounding success with the largest ever Opening!

PLEASE NOTE: Neither of the two women in this first frame of the video is Maureen. That comes later and somehow the video couldn't be edited at this time of posting. She'll be in the video later in case you're looking to recognise her.