Maureen P. Tracey
Contemporary Artist

Maureen P. Tracey, Professional Artist, Canada & Barbados


Seen here on my 'tropical balcony' where I have had to spend most of the year due to all the Covid-19 restrictions in the world, 2021 is continuing to provide a challenge as a Professional Artist.  To be an artist requires visual stimulation from our environment so when that is curtailed, the imagination really has to kick in! And that challenge has been an interesting one and most of it enjoyable.  But oh,  for 'the good ol' days'!  Soon we all hope.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy looking through my just-updated website which contains lots of new work. 

I am a native Montrealer but am extensively travelled throughout the world which is where all my artistic influences come from.  My mother, Melita Tracey, was a wonderful artist and I'm happy to say 'It runs in the family'!  I normally keep a studio and exhibit both here in Canada as well as in Barbados where I am an active member of the extensive arts community there. At this time, I'm continuing to produce the art that I love from both my Canadian experiences and those that are very much in mind still of my other home of Barbados.  
As a schooled artist, in viewing this site, you'll see that I work in many art media from oils, oils cold wax, acrylics, inks and mixed media.  They all have their special qualities and I use the ones that I feel suit the particular work.
It will be such a professional reward when we're back to doing regular exhibitions as that's what paintings are meant for - to be enjoyed by public viewing.  We love to share our work and I thank you for looking through this website just recently updated.
 Maureen, March 2021